Introducing Flopatch

Hands-Free Hemodynamic Assessments with Real-Time Results

Easy to use, fast, and accurate.

FloPatch is the first wireless, wearable ultrasound device that provides real-time hemodynamic assessments to clinicians, helping them to make precise and informed decisions on fluid resuscitation.

Expedite and Elevate Patient Care

In acute care, every minute counts.

Effective fluid management is vital to improved patient outcomes for patients with sepsis and septic shock. Traditional Doppler ultrasound methods, while effective, often face delays in high-pressure clinical environments, impacting timely decision-making.

FloPatch is a wireless Doppler ultrasound device worn by the patient that assesses the carotid arterial pulse in real-time, allowing clinicians to efficiently make confident, data-driven decisions. FloPatch improves fluid management decisions, enhancing patient safety and care efficiency.


“FloPatch has changed the game in managing sepsis treatment. Because we have been able to rapidly assess patients using FloPatch, we’re able to manage their treatment plan more quickly, efficiently and save lives as a result.”

Cheryl Reinking, Chief Nursing Officer at El Camino Health

“I love that FloPatch is simple and self-explanatory. It’s easier than other fluid responsiveness devices I’ve used.”

Katie, RN, El Camino Health

Fast and Accurate
Hemodynamic Assessments


FloPatch is a wireless, wearable Doppler ultrasound that reports carotid arterial pulse metrics in seconds.


FloPatch gives clinicians insight into cardiac performance. There is a strong association between carotid Doppler pulse, stroke volume, and important pillars of precision fluid management.


Doppler metrics help clinicians understand fluid responsiveness to optimize fluid resuscitation and prevent harmful and physiologically ineffective IV fluids.

Experience the Future of Precision Fluid Management with FloPatch.

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FloPatch App

The FloPatch app features a user-friendly interface that displays a real-time trace of arterial blood velocity. The live Doppler spectrogram view provides metrics like Corrected Flow Time (FTc) and Velocity Time Integral (VTI), core metrics that help inform discussion surrounding fluid responsiveness.

FloPatch is easy to use – just
Activate, Apply, and Assess.

A simpler and smarter approach to fluid management.
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