March 1, 2023

Flosonics Medical Announces Publication of STOP FLOODING Observational Study Employing Wireless, Wearable Doppler Ultrasound

SUDBURY, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flosonics Medical, a company dedicated to improving patient care with wireless, wearable ultrasound sensors, announced today the publication of an observational study in the Journal of Intensive Care. The results provide strong evidence for the use of FloPatch® to help prevent the over-prescription of IV fluids in adult patients with sepsis, septic shock and other hypotensive related events where IV fluids might be indicated for use.

“We are very pleased to see these strong study findings added to our existing body of evidence supporting the early utilization of FloPatch®

Of 51 patients enrolled in a community emergency department, a total of 81.7 liters of IV fluid were delivered. 37% of total IV fluid given was ineffective and 35 mins per patient were wasted giving ineffective IV fluid. As the 2021 operating expense of an ED with 100,000 annual visits ranges from $600-3000 per bed-hour (USD), this represents $34,000 to $169,980 of hidden time cost.

“The findings of this analysis reveal the favorable role FloPatch® can play in the management of IV fluid resuscitation and delivering more personalized patient care across the ED, ICU and all critical care settings utilizing volume expansion as a therapeutic intervention”, said Ben Kemp, MD of OSF Healthcare. Vivian Lau, DO mentioned that “the data provides clinical evidence that FloPatch® – utilized early in the care pathway – offers significant benefits to the treating physician with real-time, reliable information about the patient’s hemodynamics that will lead to better patient care.”

“We are very pleased to see these strong study findings added to our existing body of evidence supporting the early utilization of FloPatch®”, said Joe Eibl, President & CEO. “We are proud that this data provides further evidence for emergency departments and intensive care units seeking to provide improved care for their septic and critically ill patients where the therapeutic benefits of IV fluid are unclear.”

About Flosonics Medical

Flosonics Medical is a venture-backed medical device company headquartered in Sudbury, ON. Flosonics Medical is focused on the intersection of wearable sensors, ultrasound, and improving patient care. Founded in 2015, the company is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of wearable ultrasound technologies. The company’s flagship technology, FloPatch®, has received regulatory clearance by the FDA and Health Canada.

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